Bratislava – 7: The Town Hall, pomegranates and Slovakian Blues

Yes more drawing from/in a bar: this time it’s the Town Hall for Maximilian’s Cafe. I ordered a Pomegranate smoothie, which was delicious, and made me feel so self-righteous  that the three pints of beer I drank at the next port of call barely touched the sides, let alone my conscience!

The last evening we spent listening to the Blues at Next Apache, two tasty guitar players: (a pair of teles: a sparkly G&L, and a semi made by an Italian liutaio called Jim Read!!!) backing a moody harmonica player/singer: great versions of Johnny B. Goode and Cocaine.

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13 thoughts on “Bratislava – 7: The Town Hall, pomegranates and Slovakian Blues

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