Great one liner just heard on Radio 4

‘I’ve dissected many pigs brains in my life …..’

Is it a hobby? Or a religion?

The importance of punctuation

I just came across a cutting about a swimmer in Antarctic waters, who will ‘brave the freezing temperatures, leopard seals and killer whales in Speedos’

I knew that they were mammals but I had no idea that they such a sense of modesty!

Parliamentary procedures, man …..

I have Been listening to the Today programme for many many years but never before have I heard the sorts of phrases being used today.

A double whammy!

‘A Hotel California deal whereby we check out but never leave’

It just seems strange ……. and somewhat pathetic!

Parliamentary business ?!

When I hear ‘eyes to the right, noes to the left’ I see a bizarre Picasso inspired square dance …….. or should that be Cubist dance !!?!

Back to the roots . . . .

I just can’t understand people who believe that Radio 4 is elitist and middle class . . . . I’d like to stay and chat but I must dash …. just caught a bit of the Archers when somebody is describing her stressful life and she’s reached the point where ‘then the au pair left . . . .’

Urban tragedy in the raw . . .

Genetically modified fish ?!

We spare no expense to keep Archie in the manner to which we have allowed him to become accustomed ! This is been the most recent purchase for his lordship- But the concept of a ‘tuna loin ‘puzzles me somewhat.

The dictionary defines loin as ‘the part of the body on both sides of the spine between the lowest (false) ribs and the hip bones.‘ And I don’t think you can have hipbones without having legs …..

I’ll admit to having little knowledge of ichthyology however I think I can safely say that fish rarely have legs!

So what is ‘tuna loin’ ? Or do I not want to know the answer?!