Happy Birthday?

A quiet start to the day with walk through the park. 200 greetings on FB then this text arrives ……

Hi Mr Jones,
My Choice Funeral Plans here! Costs are rising for Funerals. Freeze your costs. For a FREE Plan, Reply YES. Text Stop to opt out.

When it says opt out —–what exactly do they mean? Some euphemism, maybe ……..

Hmm – worrying ……

I often wake up with some song or other, irritatingly reappearing every few minutes. 

This morning was different.

I awoke with a mash up of ‘Don’t look back in anger’ ‘Pretty Flamingo’ and ‘See Emily play’! 
It goes something like this: 
‘So Sally can wait like a flamingo

Crimson dress that clings so tight

She’s out of reach and out of sight 

There is no other day

Let’s try another way

You’ll lose your mind and play

Free games for May

See Emily play’

A brighter day ….

After I had dragged myself from my bed this morning, I had an uncontrollable urge to seize a pencil and quickly sketch the soft furnishings. Yes everything seemed brighter after I had drawn the curtains! I thank you. 


Sitting in the pub I hear a song that is very familiar. 

A great song and a great hit for Bonnie Tyler however I was less than impressed when it was the on-hold music when I phoned my cardiologist ……..

I ask you !!!!

On the ferry- they said over the PA if we had any questions to go to the info desk. They were hopeless- had no ideas on Fermat’s last theorem, and they thought Fibonacci was fine pasta – their knowledge of infinitesimal calculus was laughable … I ask you!!! Tsk Tsk

Oversight vs overseeing 

I freely admit to being a grammar pedantUnfortunately, one of my pet hates has reared it’s rather unattractive head – ‘oversight’ versus ‘overseeing’

The concept of ‘overseeing a project to ensure its progress is going according to plan’ is well accepted but surely the noun cannot possibly be oversight, as this means the opposite i.e. something that was missed?!

I despair when I hear politicians management gurus, and various other semi-literates ‘stressing the importance of oversight’!

This has reached its nadir with somebody in the US being appointed Head of Oversight

But then this is the Trump administration so perhaps it is ironically appropriate. . . .