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The HØVEL Pencil Plane

There is something satisfying about an object that is heavy and solid.

This is a Høvel Pencil Plane for sharpening pencils, in case, you hadn’t guessed. Ben bought it for me for Xmas. It is, to be honest, quite tricky to use. My electric pencil sharpener is much easier! (Yes – I do have one. Are you surprised?)

However this solid chunk of brass is simply delightful to hold and use, and that’s good enough for me.


Tip of the day!

Anyway here’s what happened yesterday. I had seen an image filter for the iPhone which looked like it might be useful for a particular project. It was offering a 3 day free trial. After a bit of thought, the annual cost of £24.99 seemed a lot for how often I would use it, after this project. So I cancelled it, allowing me to still use the app for three days. I immediately got a message saying: ‘What about this for an offer? £9.99 for a year’s subscription!’ So I got 60% discount. I might still cancel it after two days, but next time you see a free trial this might be worth a try!

I am constantly amazed at how services are priced on the internet. ‘Today we’re giving massive discounts! Our series of webinars on ‘How to make your fortune on the internet’ normally costs $2400 but for 24 hours you can buy it for $9.99′ Who says they are worth $2400 ?

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New ‘old’ experience !

It’s been a long time since I’ve had one of these babies to get processed!

My album has been nominated!

Delighted to announce that my CD ‘Rowland Jones – LIVE’ has been nominated in the Live CD category of the Independent Blues Awards! (I think it was the catchy title that was the ‘icing on the cake’!) Big thank you to the sound crew at the venue, to Mark Lewis for his post production work, to Erik Damian for the photography and to Lesley for her support as ever. Also a big shout out to the Blues Matters team for making the whole event such a success.

If you’d like to vote for me you can register here:…/

You need to scroll RIGHT the way to the bottom until you reach the caption‘Making a Scene Presents the 2021 Independent Blues Awards!’The link to VOTE NOW is below that. Please remember that you need to vote in ALL the categories before the vote will register. Thanks.Rowland

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Well …..

There’s camera shy …….
and then there’s CAMERA SHY!