REVEALED: Halle orchestra is a cover band!!!

‘Today a startling revelation came to light that the Halle, one of the world’s leading orchestras is, in fact, a cover band! Rumours that Maria Callas, Enrico Caruso and Placido Domingo will also be  under investigation (posthumously where appropriate), for similar transgressions have not as yet been denied.’

It’s true: they never performed their own material, did they? Absurd statement? it’s meant to be: it is only from the Beatles onwards that writing material has been considered an integral part of performing. WHY? WHY?

The Gershwins, Rodgers & Hart, etc were not first & foremast performers they wrote material which other people, including amateurs safe in the comfort of their own homes, performed…..

Why do we now have this increasingly pejorative term of ‘cover’ ?

writing/composing is one thing performing is another: why do we have to be critical of people of only do one of these?


Any thoughts?

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