The Big Draw…il Grande Disegno

It started as part of the Campaign for Drawing in the UK,  but it is now a annual worldwide event. In Italy, it only happens at Trevi at the moment, and yesterday was the second year. I love the Quentin Blake illustration for the logo!

It seemed to involve mainly children, parents and grandparents . . . . and me. I drew some stuff, like these ‘balloons and tap’, and had a laugh with some of the kids.  I just wish there had been this sense of freedom to experiment for us 50 years ago. . . . .

PS these are tiny versions in my Moleskine: the originals were a lot larger!!



2 Replies to “The Big Draw…il Grande Disegno”

  1. I remember being younger … I was always so mad at my parents for not taking me to these kind of events. They were both very keen on sports and having a child who liked drawing was like walking on rope … without the stick to balance themself.

    1. My father was an accountant, though also a musician. However for him, music, and the arts was either a ‘hobby’… how I hate that word… or for professionals, (though where they came from was never quite clear….
      So my desire to be a musician, was never recognised. Similarly, when I was at school it was a time when you were asked whether you could draw or not: a few said yes, most of us said no, and being a grammar school not much weight was given to the arts… I don’t think they were considered serious enough in a Welsh Protestant community. Anyway, many years later I’m now doing what I enjoy, playing music, writing music, drawing, and writing. At least I got here eventually… though I fear, there will be always resentment somewhere along the line… My response is ‘My Imaginary Lives’ See what you think: that’s my stick for the balancing act….

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