Lotteries, competitions & winnings

Someone once told me that if you bought a lottery ticket in the UK on Saturday morning the chances of you winning the Saturday were longer odds than being struck by lightning TWICE during that period.

Yet, people still do it…..

When I was about 16, my father and I entered a competition to win a share of £ 30,000  – – then a huge sum: all you had to was make more than 35 words of four letters or more from the manufacturer’s name. We got to 37 and sent it off and promptly forgot about it.   A few months later, my father said we’d won : visions of a new MG Midget flashed into my mind (a man of modest dreams) ‘How much?’ I asked eagerly. He said ‘You can have all of it’ : a cheque for 1/9 didn’t go far…… (that’s roughly 8 pence…..)


Any thoughts?

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