Being busy……..


2 Replies to “Being busy……..”

  1. Only boring people claim to be, “busy.”

    From twenty to thirty, many people seem to progress toward this work oriented existence that keeps them occupied but not very productive. I also don’t think people want to fess-up to having wasted an entire day at work, going home to watch bad TV and eating an entire frozen pizza by themselves. It’s just easier to claim that you are busy than face the fact that you may be bored, lonely and afraid to reach out.

    1. It’s interesting the idea that people feel guilty about a day ‘doing nothing’ – I used to work with two guys at University, both at the same grade with the same responsibilities: one constantly complained that he had so much to do; whilst the other said the work load was actually very light. The truth was that the ‘busy one’ was actually busy, because he’d taken on a second job….. at the same time, there was this element of the (Protestant) Work Ethic . Strange that it still exists today but now it is often seen as a macho thing: working 17 hour days .. working through the night . . . and that sort of nonsense . . . .

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