Excellent . . . Nice one, Mat


3 Replies to “Excellent . . . Nice one, Mat”

  1. Hoy, thanks Rowland for mentioning my stuff on your blog. You’re the first real human visitor I’ve had who’s ever left a comment, the rest were left by myself under pseudonyms, sad I know but there you go.

    I think you should visit again and leave another comment because the last one doesn’t link back here properly. It goes to http://www.reallyaccessiblememor...
    It was only by my mighty deduction that I was able to get here. Phew.

  2. It works!
    I know what you mean about reading Sherlock Holmes by the way I myself once fell victim to this pernicious condition. I found that watching Columbo helped; oh yeah, one last thing, nice photos.

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