In memory of Marcus Sleightholm

Today it is the second anniversary of the death of my friend Marcus Sleightholm: I met Marcus on a jazz guitar weekend in Hull in 1996 (?), and we stayed in touch. The last time I saw him was in Aigueze for the Bucky Pizzarelli masterclass. My eternal memory of Marcus will be his (frequent) Sunday night phonecalls, where he ‘requested absolution’ for having purchased yet another jazz guitar! Marcus, I miss you and those calls. God bless you;  you were a one-off!

Marcus on extreme left: yours truly 3rd from left, back row with unlikely beard….


2 Replies to “In memory of Marcus Sleightholm”

  1. I was a friend of Marcus G8HDN when he lived in London and worked at Hammersmith. First heard him on 2m amateur radio. It took a lot of prising out of him before he admitted to being a doctor. My wife Vicky and I had a lot to do with Marcus whilst he lived near us in London, but saw him only annually when he moved to Otley and we attended a conference in Harrogate every November. The last time we saw him was inevitably the last. His brain tumour was very troubling, he was constantly sick, and his head badly swollen. The worst of it was as a doctor, and a clever compassionate but quirky one at that, he was well aware of the prognosis. Not always popular with more conventional colleagues, Marcus believed in care for the elderly and social justice. He did at an early age and is much missed by those who knew him.

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