RAM notebooks now available!

Yesterday it finally arrived the proof copy of RAM reallyaccessiblememory notebook. I’m, really pleased with it. But, you may ask, what is it exactly?

Well it’s essentially an 80 page notebook: with a cover which pays more than a little homage to my favourite Moleskine ! ! ! AND to help you get over the blank page fear, or maybe just to inspire or entertain you (hopefully) there’s already ‘stuff’ in it.  There are around a dozen pages of text – things that have amused me and hopefully that will amuse you, and through the rest of the book there are quotes, sketches, photos and newspaper extracts. You can get the book from www.lulu.com here. Hope you like it!


2 Replies to “RAM notebooks now available!”

  1. Thanks! I’d be happy if you want to give us a mention on your site. 🙂
    I’ve clicked for your RSS feed. I’m aiming to put a series of journal/notebook links on the site soon: I’ll add you in.

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