Yes…. that’s, Rowland with a w

I planned to include simply to include the scanned pages: but I am not sure whether my writing is legible…. so, the full text is typed below

Well, it was never going to be easy was it? on the same day in the same column: right next to JONES there was FRANKENSTEIN. It didn’t bode well. Then to be called Rowland with a w! All my life it’s been mis-spelled. I thought e-mail would eradicate the problem: mis-spell the name and the message doesn’t arrive right? No.

‘To Dear Roland . . . .’ I kid you not.

It’s not that unusual a name, but unusual enough. I once arrived on a building site to start a summer job. The foreman did the introductions: ‘I’m Bill, this is Eric, Stan, Bob and Chris.’ I replied, ‘I’m Rowland’. After the third incredulous ‘Pardon?!” I reverted to my first name , TOM, and as a result was welcomed on site every morning for two months by a spirited rendering of ‘The green green grass of home.’!!

Being known by my middle name resulted in other confusions, too. I once applied for a new credit card, specifying ‘T.Rowland Jones’ as my card holder name. After several incorrect cards were delivered –  ‘Rowland T Jones” T.Rowland-Jones”  – I explained through gritted teeth that I would like the card to read:‘T full-stop blank space Rowland Jones.’ I am sure you can imagine my delight when a card arrived that read: ‘T.(BS) Rowland Jones.”!!!

No: it was never going to be easy . . . . .


Any thoughts?

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