Credit where it is due . . .

I’m not talking banking here: I’m talking production credits particularly those of feature films.  Can anyone convince me that the Tax Auditor on a film production is more important to the viewer than the aerial cameramen? Is the standby Grip more important than the music creating the atmosphere of the film? How did this happen? Can someone explain how the caterers affect what I see on the screen?????

It’s just nonsense, I’m afraid




4 Replies to “Credit where it is due . . .”

  1. The credits make no sense to moviegoers because, I suspect, they are for the benefit of the industry and those credited. I once fought a lawsuit brought by someone to prevent the opening of a film because he had not been credited as a producer, and I’m sure it was because the credit would have helped him in the industry. (He lost, and the movie released on time.)

    I also know there has been a lot of negotiating (including increased/decreased pay) for the order in which actors’ names appear in the opening credits. I read about one case where the two leads fought over whose name should appear first. When the parties decided that the way to settle the issue was to have both of their names appear on the same screen, they fought over whose name should be on top. They settled that issue by deciding the names should appear side-by-side, then fought over whose name would appear on the left (which would be first). They finally agreed that the name on the left would be in the lower left corner and the name on the right in the upper right corner, a compromise so that the guy on the left could feel he came first (reading left-to-right) and the guy on the right could feel he came first (reading top-to-bottom). Think about that the next time you watch some opening credits!

    I imagine there is a lot of behind-the-scenes wrangling going on over credits you and I couldn’t care less about but are meaningful in the industry.

    1. I know what you mean – I used to work in the ‘corporate film’ business and that was bad enough. On the other hand, one of my clients wanted to enter a film I had made and I filled out the appropriate form.
      It won an award and the credits read Producer-Rowland Jones; Writer-Rowland Jones; director-Rowland Jones; casting director-Rowland Jones; off-line editor-Rowland Jones so no arguments there!!!

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