the first time . . . .

It is late one Sunday evening, and the young man has had a new experience … he has touched a guitar for the first time earlier that day. Several hours later, he is still excited about it, when a voice starts to intrude into  his thoughts.

‘This is a drug’

He closes his eyes tightly, trying to shut out the voice.

‘You will never master it to your satisfaction, nor will you ever be able to be free of it.’

He tosses and turns irritated by the words.

‘You may earn money with a guitar in your hands, but it will never be enough to satisfy the yearnings which it will inevitably create.’

He sits up in bed

‘And even when you have reached the age that dare not speak its name… when you have lived one year for every minute in an hour,  you will still be prepared to travel many miles to perform just for a pittance and the momentary pleasure it will give you.

The young man opens his eyes, and smiles to himself.

Yes, you’re damn right I will !!!!


Any thoughts?

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