The smallest watercolour set in the world?

I’ll admit I’m pretty self-conscious about drawing in public, and this coupled with a natural penchant for neatness (read ‘obsessive’) I try to find the most compact set of utensils. So rather than spending even more more  money, I came up with this solution: the tin measures 7.5 cm by 4 cm (or 3 ins. x 1.5 ins) with five pans from a Daler Rowney set. So I think that with a water-brush I’ll be ready to take on the world, or at least surreptitiously sketch a small part of it!!


7 Replies to “The smallest watercolour set in the world?”

    1. It’s cute isn’t it? I’m very pleased with the idea. but there are smaller ones…it’s only 3 ins. x 1.5 ins They must be molecular in size!! 🙂

      Love the cats! Why do drawing and cats fit so well (and so often) together?

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