Adjectival nonsense…..

I think we only use the adjective ‘bated’ in one context- ‘bated breath’.


I’m wondering, whether there any other adjectives that have such a ‘unique’ role. Any ideas?


6 Replies to “Adjectival nonsense…..”

  1. Hadn’t thought about that, but as ‘bate’ means ‘subside’, it could be used to modfiy other nouns. Ex. “He waited with bated thought for the judge to read the sentence.” OK, I just made that up, but you’re right, it’s really only used to modify ‘breath’.

    Blair Ivey

      1. I believe you may have inadvertently used “their” properly in the above sentence. Please try to proofread more carefully next time, hmm?

  2. My Dear Mrs M,
    I am utterly mortified by my error, and would have responded earlier, but my shame was such that I could not put ‘pen to paper’ or to be more precise ‘finger to key’.
    I shall attempt to be more precise in future. As a legendary sub (-editor rather than ‘marine’) once said: ‘Proofread carefully to see if you any words out’ And who could argue with that?
    Yours grammatically challenged,

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