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Bratislava – 2: hot coffee in noisy cups…. and garlic soup.

Woke to -5ºC, little hot water and no hot food left on the buffet…. great start!! But things got better, we found Next Apache where we drank coffee out of big cups which strangely made a comforting ‘clonking’  sound; like something out of a different era: like stirring a ‘vat of goodness’!

After two hours of sketching, guilt drove us to our next location where we ate cream of garlic soup! protection against colds and vampires.

(Neologism: ‘blood clot’ – stupid vampire)

By Rowland Jones

Jones spends his time writing & performing his songs, writing to the papers, doing illustrations for Zuiderlucht and browsing idly around the net for considerably longer than any adult should . . .

One reply on “Bratislava – 2: hot coffee in noisy cups…. and garlic soup.”

Hi there!

Just found your blog through Notebook Stories; I’ve recently returned to the Moleskine-fold, as well. 😉

Read you were looking for the Noodler Flex Nib creaper, and I do have one for sale (I ordered a bunch but am not using them as much as I thought I would).
I’m in the Netherlands, but for such a small item, postage should only be a few euros.

Just to make sure; you want the flex pen, right?
Because there is also a Noodler’s Nib Creaper that is *not* a true flex pen (although it does have ‘some flex’), that I also have several of.

Anyway, email me if you’re interested; this user name at gmail. 🙂

Any thoughts?

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