February Challenge -6: The Letter

Today’s prompt took me straight away to music: The Letter by The Boxtops (1967)

‘She wrote me letter said she couldn’t live without me no more.’ Great song.

Even in something as simple, as a ‘pop song’ (albeit a great one!) the ‘letter’ has weight..

‘She sent me a text . . . . ‘ doesn’t quite cut it , does it?

I write quite a lot – in comparison to most people, probably a huge amount. Why? I enjoy it! I enjoy it as a tactile experience. Also I know that many people like to receive proper mail, so I try to ‘do my bit’ and send postcards: usually with own sketches, and quotes or stories that I like. I enjoy doing it, people seem to enjoy receiving them. Smiles all round!! This one of my cards, at the bottom of the page. If you’d like to receive a card or two, then drop me an e-mail!



5 Replies to “February Challenge -6: The Letter”

    1. There are MANY. I was once in fish and chip shop in Manchester, and the woman in front of me ordered two portions of ‘fish and chips’. She looked distinctly unhappy at the wildly different sizes of the fish: I think one was a goldfish, the other a grouper . . . . .
      She asked, “Why is that one so much bigger than this one?”
      The woman serving confidently answered: ‘They’re all different sizes”
      The customer seemed surprisingly content with the explanation, whilst I wanted to scream: “Why can’t she have two of the big ones?!!”

  1. In the same vein:
    “I’m gonna write a little letter,
    Gonna mail it to my local DJ”

    I suppose “I’m gonna write a little email, gonna text it to my local DJ” might work.

    Later in the same song:
    “Long as she got a dime the music wont never stop”

    What now? Long as she got an . . . iPod? Long as she got a . . . download? A file? The mind reels.

  2. My wife suggested we may have problem with the Beatles ‘Please Mr Postman’

    Server busy?

    Ketty Lester’s wonderful version of ‘Love Letters’ becoming Luv txts!

    Interestingly Joan Jett’s ‘I love rock’n’roll’ stuck with the traditional ‘put another dime in the juke box baby’ some twenty years after Chuck Berry, so we may not have to worry about ‘lyrical evolution’ !! 🙂

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