Bratislava – 8: THE END as the begining with a beer . . . .

Drawn at the airport, whilst watching female airport staff who are clearly forced to wear the highest of high heels . . . if they don’t induce vertigo, they’re not high enough. As a consequence, all these young women clomp around with a peculiar gait, appearing to be riding an invisible space hopper.


8 Replies to “Bratislava – 8: THE END as the begining with a beer . . . .”

  1. When I want to wear them, they’re lovely accessories that make my legs look longer.

    When I do wear them and my feet hurt, and I can’t navigate the ice outside, they’re brutal inventions of “the man” to keep us down and dependent, as in not-so-long-ago China where a man’s wealth and status was reflected in his ability to maintain a totally useless, ornamental woman – someone with bound feet.

    When I don’t wear them, I resent feeling like an unfashionable dork.

    p.s. Love your drawings also!

    1. Glad you like the drawings!

      Ah, fashion….. be thankful that shoes are not like tattoos: you’d have had them fitted at certain age and still be wearing/suffering them!

      And I’d still have shoulder length hair, a purple vest, and loon pants.

      A narrow miss for both of us . . .

      1. You see how technologically inept I am at times? …. having to moderate my own comment. Mind you thinking about that, it might be a useful way to live life: you ‘say’ something but you have to moderate it before the public hears it…..

      2. People should have to have a 3 day cooling off period before getting a tattoo. Let them think about the permanence, and the fact that in 40 short years, whatever’s in the picture is going to be sitting considerably farther south on your body.

        What are loon pants (besides pants that loons would wear?)

      3. Loon pants were light cotton pants with virtually no waistband which were flared enough to cover your feet and though this may have looked cool in LA, in Manchester it resulted in soggy trouser bottoms. Which of course then became de rigeur! in that carefully cultured ‘hey man , I don’t care’ sort of way.
        This together with my extremely long hair probably made me appear like a hairy mushroom . . . . .

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