Cats vs. dogs

We often wake up in a menagerie. No – this is not a result somnambulatorial activity, but simply the fact that the cats are on the bed and either chasing each other…. for which even a king size bed is not spacious enough, or hunting the strange shapes moving under the duvet. (Hint of the day: never attempt amorous activity in bed whilst there are cats present……. just trust me, OK?)

Whilst staying at my sister’s house, I don’t have the cats on the bed experience, but I do have to squeeze into the kitchen under the careful eyes of two large dog shaped objects, who are ready to please by wagging their tails, leaping up on you and causing  irrevocable, if unintentional, havoc with their claws. In fairness, they are sweet natured animals but they are so BIG! But more importantly, and without being too anthropomorphic, their reaction to me is quite different to my cat’s reaction.

In the cat corner, Archie the cynical Bengal, and in the dog corner, the doe-eyed Bonnie.

1. Observing me approaching the table with a plate:

Bonnie: Gosh! He can walk on his hind legs, and carry things in his paws!

Archie: Anything on that plate for me?

The easily impressed and the cynical?

2. On seeing me removing a container from the fridge and opening it.

Bonnie: He can open the magic door and procure edibles!

Archie: Anything in there for me?

You may see a pattern emerging: if they were together would they discuss it, maybe?

Bonnie: He knows how to open the tin things!!

Archie: Yes. I let him do it for me.

Bonnie: He knows how to drive the box with four wheels though he won’t take me with him….

Archie: He’s only off to buy more stuff for me . . . .  just hope he gets the right stuff this time….

It seems to be in their genes. As Jack Dee, put it:

Your dog sees you putting up a shelf, and thinks: ‘I don’t know what he’s doing but I love him!

The cat thinks: ‘He’s got the wrong size Rawlplugs……’

Yes the Egyptinans worshipped cats and the cats still allow us to do it today.

I wonder if 4000 years ago, Rameses II’s cat  thought: ‘Pyramids!! What is he thinking?!’

PS Sorry, but I’m not sure why Bonnie talks like a character in a bad science fantasy novel…..  farewell my friends!


2 Replies to “Cats vs. dogs”

  1. This post immediately made me smile … for almost 9 years I’m the dediCATed servant of my two purring queens! =^..^=

    Oh, you’ve forgotten that ‘How can you eat while I’m starving down here‘-stare and how their eyes follow every of your spoon/fork’s movement into your mouth and down your throat! 😉

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