February Challenge-17: Present

Present has many meanings, a gift, the current moment, and a usage very common in Italy how we ‘present ourselves’ and on the other side of the coin, how people receive that image.

I was in the bar tonight , and the topic was, as ever, food. One of ‘the guys’ asked me what I was doing this evening, and I responded that I was having an ‘Indian meal’ Half seriously one of them responded ‘Indian from Indian or Indian from North America’. There ensued a discussion about the Native American Indians: their culture and philosophy. It was led by Mario who is in his late sixties and dresses like a hunter – camouflage fatigues, and a matching baseball cap. His admiration for the Native American Indian’s philosophy, and way of life was clear. Shall we say that in a bar with a man wearing military combat uniform is the last place that I would expect to hear the phrase ‘symbiotic relationship with nature.’? How wrong could somebody be if they took how he ‘presents himself’ at face value? And how often, do we do just that?  . . . . . just a thought.


Any thoughts?

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