Product Lust: Tom Bihn Field Journal up for grabs at Notebook Stories

It’s a terrible moment – the moment your psyche screams “I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!”

Over at  Notebook Stories they have up for grabs a Tom Bihn Field Journal . and “I WANT ONE OF THOSE!!!”

I have to say that I had not heard of Tom Bihn bags until Xmas 2010: Lesley bought me a ‘Small Cafe Bag.’ which I have to say is fantastic.  (We are both confirmed luggage addicts)

It is lightweight practical and good to look at…. what more could you want?

Well quite possibly, if you’re a sketch/scribbler/journal keeper- you might want/crave/covet one of these: a  Tom Bihn Field Journal

It’s designed for the job: holding pens in pockets, paper and with a strap which makes it is easy to use standing up – if you have the patience to draw standing up, that is – I’m more of ‘sitting in a bar and drawing ‘ sort of person actually – but having a stylish, and practical way of carrying my technical requisites to the bar sounds good to me.!

Anyway if you go to this page you could win one: I don’t want you to go really ‘cos I want to win it. But as a Guardian reading liberal, I have an overpowering sense of fair play!! 🙂


4 Replies to “Product Lust: Tom Bihn Field Journal up for grabs at Notebook Stories”

  1. You know I think I will definitely have to get the Cafe Bag. I am a bag addict anyway (you know, women usually fall into shoe or bag category :P), and this has so many perfect types of pockets that books and journals can be organised. So definitely on my shopping list 😉

    1. women in Shoe or bag category? Hmm . Lesley seems to manage to keep a foot in both camps, as it were. Me? I fall into the bag category: after all, men’s shoes are pretty dull, as a rule, and I LOATHE Trainers. I am however craving a pair of brown and white brogues . . sort of 1920’s style. Until then, I wear whatever is comfortable and draw Lesley’s shoes: like the pink ones in my site header.

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