shooting caterpillars . . . a day in the life of rural Italy

heading for the bar, I heard gunshots. They were shooting caterpillars – sound ludicrous – yes it does, but it true. There is a type of hairy caterpillar that breeds around now: you often see them in their thousands on the road- nose to tail – or is it just tail to tail with them. Despite their harmless appearance, they carry a substance which causes extremely bad skin irritation. So they shoot the nests out of the trees before they hatch. Strange but true . . . .


2 Replies to “shooting caterpillars . . . a day in the life of rural Italy”

  1. nobody shoots them in Roma, but yeah, I’ve seen them in gardens (uhm… in the 80s, when I was still going to school! ;-)). I love the Italian name “processionarie” (processionists?)…

    1. I believe you, but in rural Umbria they’re happy to shoot stuff, if it works . . and frankly it does, though I’m not a fan pf ‘bloodsports’ this is precautionary and, I think, it would not be entirely appropriate in Rome 🙂

      the processionists, sounds OK to me . . . but that’s the way they appear . . . sweet hairy caterpillars . .. don’t you believe it, though

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