. . . on being ‘original’

This thing about spotting similarities is also a problem when I’m saying watching TV, or even sitting in a bar. I’ll say to Lesley, ‘See that guy over there? Who does that remind you of? ‘ She often can’t see any resemblance until I say ‘he’s got so and so’s nose . .’ or eyes or whatever.’ It’s not a ‘skill’ I’m proud of, and it can be real nuisance; I can waste an awful lot of energy trying to think of who some bit-part actor in a TV cop series reminds me of . . .

PS for more ways of wasting time see next post 🙂

The Slamp of Happiness?

I’m always wary of anything bearing oriental calligraphy – not because I don’t like it– but because I don’t understand what it says . . . . I bought a shirt in Singapore,  which I’ve never worn it. It has a lovely calligraphic design on the front—- it may say ‘have a nice day’;  it may say ‘May happiness go with you wherever you go’ or it may say ‘Have you seen what this idiot looks like?’


Cheesecloth shirt; one owner never worn . . .

petitelapgiraffe . . . yeah sure . .

this is so well done . . .the idea of using a ‘billionaire’ stereotype character, makes it almost believable. Believable? well put it this way, I have a Bengal which is a cross between an Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat wild but cute – . . . but now you CAN buy an even wilder cat called Ashera for $25,950 ap. so mini giraffes is not that absurd . . . well, it is but you know what I mean