Still Life . .with slippers and hot water bottle

I’m frozen, my bones are aching, and I’m fed up. I seem to have picked up a virus which,  apart from combining shivering with sweating profusely, causes….. well, I’ll leave those details out.

It meant that all I could manage yesterday was sitting in front of the stufa utilising equipment illustrated below, whilst wearing thermals, a fleece and a blanket. And then still feeling cold!

PS I wonder if proper artists do this sort of stuff? Did Da Vinci do a detailed drawing of the renaissance version of a hot water bottle? Actually, it probably was a hot water bottle . . . . such is progress . . .


4 Replies to “Still Life . .with slippers and hot water bottle”

    1. Thanks, Karin!

      Doc says that it’s a virus ‘doing the rounds’ which can last from 24 hours to a week… I’m three days in . . . . . . But am doing a lot of scribbling, and reading… that is between sleeping…


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