Project No. 27 -learn to play a totally different type of guitar . . . .the Weissenborn project

These are my requirements for this project: to learn a guitar which has (2 to the power 64 minus 1) possible ways of tuning it: I think a digital tuner is essential to prevent me turning to drink . . OK turning me completely to drink.







Something missing you say? oh yes the guitar. Here’s one! What gives it its distinctive sound is the hollow neck – it’s essentially an extension of the body


5 Replies to “Project No. 27 -learn to play a totally different type of guitar . . . .the Weissenborn project”

  1. I always wanted to learn the guitar… I make up my mind everytime that i have to do it now n somehow it always gets delayed… Now that you v reminded me of it again il make sure i join the classes soon… Hopefully… Good luck to you n have a nice day…

    1. It’s never too late as they say. I’ve been playing guitar since 1966. But this Weissenborn is a different kettle of fish: almost like starting from scratch: but what’s wrong with a new challenge?!!
      Get enrolled in those classes!! and have fun!!! 🙂

  2. Very interesting design. Does the neck act as part of the sound chamber? I’m trying to ‘visualize’ how this will sound. I suspect a deeper and more reverberant tone?

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