‘I love it when you talk greasy’ and ‘bum bum’ . . .

This is something I came across a week or two again and stuck in the journal; but forgot to post. Now everybody makes mistakes with other people’s language: if I see another sign in the UK advertising ‘paninis’ I WILL scream. When it comes to companies getting it so wrong, then that is doubly incomprehensible. Kemeco has been making cleaning products for over forty years ago! Yet they produce this…. Mamma Mia! What they see as the connection between dirty dishes and Bum-bum I am terrified to imagine- ‘I love it when you talk greasy’

What puzzles me further is the idea of offering grapefruit as well lemon ‘flavour’  – in fact, not just any old grapefruit but red grapefruit-WOW! the idea of citric acid versus grease and fat I understand – though  that may well have been  drilled into me by advertisers over the years. But why do we need this? Is this the consumer choice that capitalism offers us?

POSTSCRIPT we bought it ‘cos it was on offer . .  this may be a ray of hope demonstrating that people are not being fooled . . . unflavoured washing-up liquid fans unite!!


Any thoughts?

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