Irritable Bowl Syndrome . . . yes, that’s what I said

This is Archie: he is a Bengal. He deigns to live with us.


5 Replies to “Irritable Bowl Syndrome . . . yes, that’s what I said”

  1. Oh yes! I know that syndrome very well! *lol*
    I’ve also had the pleasure to experience the following disease:
    – Always on the wrong side of the door phenomenon
    – How could you eat while I’m starving down here stare
    – Catching not existing mice in the bedroom at 04:00 a.m. activity
    – Your lap, your back … every piece of your body is the best place to sleep stubborness
    – And many others that doesn’t come into my mind right now!
    *sigh* Our lifes would be really boring without them, wouldn’t they?

    1. As I’m reading your comment, there is a little voice in the background saying:‘ What time do you call this to have lunch? The fire’s going out, I’m hungry: what are you going to do about it?’
      But I love him dearly – couldn’t imagine my life without my furry boss!!!! Must go . . . . .

    1. Good Morning, from Umbria! Archie is clearly delighted to have made your acquaintance however he asked me to pass on his regards to you, as he has some urgent sleeping to attend to … having only managed to remain unconscious for a mere 17 hours yesterday.

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