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Credit where credit is due . . . . and that doesn’t mean catering assistants, drivers or riggers

I’m still trying to include posts as they were written – not re-typed. This is good practice as I have to keep them short, as my lack of penmanship doesn’t enable me to write elegantly (or even legibly….) for any length of time! So a short but heart-felt rant on film credits!

By Rowland Jones

Jones spends his time writing & performing his songs, writing to the papers, doing illustrations for Zuiderlucht and browsing idly around the net for considerably longer than any adult should . . .

10 replies on “Credit where credit is due . . . . and that doesn’t mean catering assistants, drivers or riggers”

Excellent. This film is also on my list.
I was “La dernière fugue” last night. Also an excellent movie, not easy but brilliantly done. And it left me with a bit of thinking over the next few pages tonight.

Happy Wednesday!

I wasn’t expecting to like the film . . . . not being a Royalist . . but it is well-played: both Firth and Rush are excellent and the dialogue is well-written. As a piece of ‘period cinema’ it also works very well.

But the credits . . . as ever . . . why does music always get such a ‘low ranking’ in credits?!!

Watch the shower scene in Psycho without the soundtrack and then tell me that music doesn’t matter!!!
Brahms versus Catering assistants? Let’s be serious . . .

I just want to say, that you seem quite creative these days … lots of drawings, lots of journal entries, lots of blog posts! Very good! 🙂

Haven’t seen the movie yet … so no comments on that.

I’d like to see them put on a movie like this without the proper insurance. There’s the risk assessment, lining up the underwriters at Lloyds, getting coverage for Colin Firth’s adorable smile, ongoing risk and claims management, the list just goes on and on. I’m surprised that chap wasn’t listed before the actors!

Disclaimer: This is a totally unbiased rant, having nothing to do with the fact that I AM an insurance broker.

No such thing as an biased rant . . . is there?

But seriously I’m not diminishing the importance of insurance, eating, driving etc . . . but these are what I believe psychologists call ‘hygiene factors’: necessary for the survival of film as a financial investment: but do they have an impact on what we experience in the cinema? I think not . . . . anyway

NOTE: no insurance brokers were harmed in the writing of this post.

Given your post today I think hygiene factor is a compliment:-)

You were certainly more hygienic than your fellow churchgoers.

(great piece of writing, by the way. . . )

Credit bloat is especially apparent when one watches older movies. I watched “We Dive at Dawn” (1943) over the weekend and the primary actors are credited in the opening, with a brief listing of key technical personnel at the end. If I enjoy a movie I’ll watch the credits out of respect for the folks who made an enjoyable two hours possible, or to identify some music from the score, but when credits roll by for a couple of minutes, that’s a little much.

Just curious, did you see the movie in English or Italian?

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