Exciting parsnips . . .

parsnips- in Italian pastinaca I think – –  so they exist but not usually for human consumption- such a shame for such a wonderful vegetable!


6 Replies to “Exciting parsnips . . .”

    1. Thank you . . . I never thought I’d use the phrase ‘wonderful vegetable’ . . .and I certainly never thought I’d read the words: ‘Beautiful picture, beautiful vegetables…’

      Thanks 🙂

  1. I love the art you intersperse with prose. I’d love to have that talent, but I’m afraid my artwork better resembles a suicide letter left behind during an epileptic seizure.

    1. Thanks. When I was a kid some centuries ago, teachers would ask: ‘can you draw or not? I said no. I have spent many years wanting to draw… now I do it.. and now people seem to enjoy it. . . and that’s a great feeling for me. So thanks, again.

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