Parcels, geography, Stella Artois and customer service

I am currently awaiting the delivery of a package from the UK. As ever, I am a little concerned as the local courier companies, presumably trusting in rural honesty, believe it is safe to leave parcels unsigned for on the doorstep. Whilst admiring their faith in human nature, this strategy does not take into consideration other possibilities such as inclement weather or incontinent animals. Worryingly I’d received an e-mail notification that the package was in Aschaffenburg – that’s apparently Southern Germany and would be arriving in Barcelona today and be with me tomorrow: BARCELONA!!! — though somewhat challenged in the area of geographical knowledge, I am aware that Barcelona is in Spain and  I also know that in order to head South from Germany to Italy, heading  West is not the best direction to take and can hardly be considered a short cut.

The local agency were BAD. First the operator demanded: where did you get this number? Silly me, I never considered the possibility that the number for Customer Services should be unavailable to the general public.  Then he told me the consignment number was incorrect and then it was right and in the end said I can’t explain the route the delivery will take as we’ve already been on this call for a long time!

Excuse my naivety, but isn’t that what customer services is there to do?! I was ultra cool however and didn’t swear at him though as a consequence I am now on my third Stella Artois. Anyway it appears that it is all going smoothly. . AAAARGH!!!


7 Replies to “Parcels, geography, Stella Artois and customer service”

  1. oh I know that feeling Rowland.
    While still living in Ireland we were expecting a parcel from Germany that left on time, was tracked in Frankurt, Germany, then in Brussels and then … in Spain. From there it did not leave for about 2 weeks. We called, we called again and where then told that the parcel would need to go back to the sender as our Irish address could not be found in Spain … and if the sender would agree to pay for the delivery back to Germany!? HELLO!?!? With what kind of attitude do these people deal with their customers? “IRELAND” was clearly written on the parcel.
    After another few phone calls we finally managed the local office manager to agree to send the parcel back to the sender in Germany free of charge. Then 2 days later we received it in Ireland.
    Maybe there was a person thinking about the address written on the parcel after all.

    I hope you will receive your parcel sooner than we did. Fingers crossed!

    1. It’s good to feel united with others in our common suffering . . . .

      Unfortunately half an hour after writing that post and having gotten it out of my system, Lesley received an e-mail from a large UK retail store, saying they were refunding the cost and shipping on certain goods we’d ordered and apparently returned. Tricky as these goods have not even arrived yet, and they’ve all ready authorised the refund based on the fact that we’ve returned them . . . . .

      1. Me too!– it’s a hand built Class A all-valve guitar amp…. you’re dead right I want to know where it ends up…. and there’s only correct answer!!!

  2. While living in Ibiza my father had a very similar experience to yours and Marcus’ with the Spanish postal service concerning a badly needed check. I’m wondering if Spain is the black hole of Continental delivery service.

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