Parcels, geography, Stella Artois and customer service: Part the second

The plot thickens – – today I contacted the local agent once again – – different person, different attitude – I expresssed my concern that Barcelona seemed to have  moved several hundred kilometres to the east in order, presumably, to make it a convenient stop off between Germany and Central Italy. Understanding my concern, she confirmed that the parcel was, in fact, in Italy, and would have been delivered today if the address had been clearly written. Hmm…..

It was written in the equivalent of the following:

Street & House Number: 10, Downing

City: Street

Country: UK

Now certainly this would still be comprehensible to many people,  however given that I am not Prime Minister, and that the village in which I live (popn:800)  is more than a million times smaller than London (popn:8 Million) this might cause problems to any delivery person. Clearly in small Italian village ‘where’s the bloke called Jones live?’ would solve any problem of the location of my house –  it may well have been a real problem if I lived in Rhosllanerchrugog, for example. However here the problem would be knowing in which particular tiny hamlet in Italy I lived. . . . given current progress, probably that one with the highest consumption per capita of Stella Artois . . . .


5 Replies to “Parcels, geography, Stella Artois and customer service: Part the second”

  1. Fingers crossed!
    Does this mean now you will still receive the parcel AND the refund from the seller? Interesting. If so, maybe I buy something too and get the order for free!?

    1. So true .. . I admire the work of surrealist philosopher Guy Debord (yes this is relevant) where he skillfully merged the worlds of philosophy, and heavy drinking. He famously said:

      ‘I have writtten much less than people who write, but I have drunk much more than people who drink.’

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