The Slamp of Happiness?

I’m always wary of anything bearing oriental calligraphy – not because I don’t like it– but because I don’t understand what it says . . . . I bought a shirt in Singapore,  which I’ve never worn it. It has a lovely calligraphic design on the front—- it may say ‘have a nice day’;  it may say ‘May happiness go with you wherever you go’ or it may say ‘Have you seen what this idiot looks like?’


Cheesecloth shirt; one owner never worn . . .


10 Replies to “The Slamp of Happiness?”

    1. At least, it’s not insulting or demeaning…. ‘Zen’ I’m happy with!!!!
      Thank you for the translation: I’m also quite pleased that my ‘replication’ was comprehensible!!! 🙂

      1. zen happiness~ 🙂

        your replication is pretty much right on.
        the character can be written this way: 禅 and this way also: 禪

  1. On the other hand… many Asians seem to have a fascination with the English language also. (or maybe it’s just the look of a string of alphabets slapped together, it could be Spanish or French or Italian.) In my childhood, I always had t-shirts (from Taiwan) that have meaningless sentences as part of their design (and some say very funny things). I use to be quite embarrassed to wear them… but now I kinda’ dig them. ^^

  2. Yes the grass is always greener… and more interesting.

    Sergio Tacchini– cool sports wear? Mr Turkey . . .
    Ravanelli- Internationally successful footballer? Mr Radish . . .
    Giuseppe Verdi—- Joe Green
    In fact, Michael Dibdin wrote one of his Aurelio Zen novels called and then you die the idea taken from the phrase ‘Life’s a bitch/beach’

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