. . . appearing in the Arena, Verona!!!!

well, at least in the newspaper of the same name, and at

Cantine del’Arena . . . . which is very close by . . .


11 Replies to “. . . appearing in the Arena, Verona!!!!”

  1. My Italian is nearly non-existant (actually I piece it out from my French and Spanish) but the headline appears to say something along the lines of “Arriving Jones a composer in love with the blues”. With the story going on to say that you are a composer, singer, and something. Appearing Saturday and Monday at the given locations and times. And saying that in forty years of singing(?) you’ve appeared in national and international blues festivals.

    Hope I didn’t butcher that too badly. Any samples of your music on the Web?

    1. And the lovely thing is that they are so lyrical too!
      A drummer, who has worked with many big names in Italy, said: ‘You have taste’
      Another musician, a singer, said: ‘You are a prince of the Blues . . as if from a noble family of the Blues’
      How can you not feel flattered?!

    1. Hi P!
      It was a great weekend – three concerts, met lots of old musician friends and many from previous years! Played my socks off for two hours each night and returned yesterday exhausted but happy! One exhausted Gentleman of Verona –
      What more could you want?!

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