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petitelapgiraffe . . . yeah sure . .

this is so well done . . .the idea of using a ‘billionaire’ stereotype character, makes it almost believable. Believable? well put it this way, I have a Bengal which is a cross between an Asian Leopard cat and a domestic cat wild but cute – . . . but now you CAN buy an even wilder cat called Ashera for $25,950 ap. so mini giraffes is not that absurd . . . well, it is but you know what I mean

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Journal vs. diary . . . .

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Liz Taylor 1932-2011

A few Taylor related facts:

She signed her first film contract in 1941.

She converted to Judaism when married to her first husband Mike Todd (born Avrom Goldbogen)

She often argued about being Jewish with Richard Burton who claimed that he (as a Welshman) saw the Welsh as the ‘Jews of Britain’. Though (as a Welshman) I see what he’s getting at: having a separate identity under a national banner BUT he was somewhat ignoring the fact that there were already the Jews of Britain. . . .

Taylor insisted that Cleopatra was filmed in the system her late husband had patented Todd-AO ( a.k.a. Goldbogen-AO? ) to which she owned the rights, this adding to her already massive fee of $1 million.

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Design Classics: Gitanes packet

After one of my regular ‘commenters’, Cayman Thorn remarked on my inclusion of Zippo lighters, which brought to mind, my mate Barry (again) who said that from a design standpoint, a packet of Gitanes was the perfect smoker’s kit!! This was a late night attempt to capture the elegance of the packet- hmm, must take more water with it. . .

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and there are the non-starter designs- 2 – spiked shoes

No. 2 in an occasional series . . .

My Mum used to be referred to as ‘granny-gadget’ by one of my nieces. She seem to be less interested in them now than before- but she can still be fascinated by a new type of pen . . . yes, I think that’s where I get it from . . . .

Anyway these were one of her less functional purchases . . . . .