Verona – 1

So we arrived on Friday had a rehearsal, then went to see band, and got to bed at 2 ish. Probably the earliest we manged all weekend in fact.

Saturday morning Lorenz had arranged for us to play at Music Store Verona where we did a couple of film clips with their gear: played a nice standard US Telecaster . . .

Big thanks to Riccardo De Fanti who did the recording: lovely guy with great ears . . if you see what I mean . ..

Met some more musicians: Fernando Tovo from Bergamo and Valter Consalvi a great Sicilian guy who sings with Lorenz’ band.


2 Replies to “Verona – 1”

  1. As I listened to this, I realized it was the first time I’ve ever been on Facebook. And you brought me there. But in lieu of calling you an SOB, color me thankful.

    Talent is mercury, my man. Which makes you poisonous.

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