Maastricht: Book launch

A book of 29 poems for which I did 13 illustrations including the cover; the book was designed by Baer Cornet- a wonderful designer and lovely guy. Wido is my dear friend, who runs Zuiderlucht- the publishing company- and my ‘visionary editor!’


9 thoughts on “Maastricht: Book launch

    1. Thanks! I’m a (very) late starter I’m trying to get a lot of stuff in!!! Though I’ll skip white water rafting and bungie jumping . . . . as Jack Dee once said: ‘Have you ever noticed that people who go bungie jumping are often the people you’d quite like to throw off a bridge anyway?’

    1. Hi Don!
      Thanks. I only have a couple of signed copies- so you’d have to get one from the publisher BUT do you realise that the book is entirely in Dutch?! I supplied 13 drawings but they were not intended to be related to the text – just as well as I don’t speak a word of Dutch . . . . .

  1. Congratulations, and I remember that illustration! It’s been posted here on RAM before, and it just so happened to be one of the first entries I saw when I knew about here. (when moly_x_3 started) 🙂 I like it a lot, the obstructed view of the partially opened door…

    1. Thanks!! It was done on the spur of the moment . . . and, unusually for me, it was drawn from my imagination rather than from real life, which would be my normal approach.

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