Journal Sketching

Maastricht: beer . . . . .

By Rowland Jones

Jones spends his time writing & performing his songs, writing to the papers, doing illustrations for Zuiderlucht and browsing idly around the net for considerably longer than any adult should . . .

2 replies on “Maastricht: beer . . . . .”

It looks like your drawings skills are progressing. Just curious: have you had formal training or self-taught? After retirement my father took up drawing and after a couple years of diligent practice, he was able to produce salable works in pencil. I’d like to see more of your work in watercolors.

Thanks . . . I always wanted to draw – but when I was at school you were classified at an early age into those who could draw and those who couldn’t – eventually about 8 years ago a neighbour dragged me to a ‘trial’ life drawing class . . . . . I’ve been drawing ever since . . . I did the life class for a few months, and had a few lessons from an artist in Florence . . . apart from that it’s been trial and error(lots of them….) and books . . Betty Edwards-not really what I wanted, Bert Dodson – very interesting, and above all Danny Gregory! Watercolours? I’m still ‘reality testing’ – – – trying different things but so far I always seem to come back to pen with colour added from Pitt artist pens or similar.

Any thoughts?

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