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A musical evening with Mollah and Giuseppe at Fontanaro

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Piegaro – again

Same square, different view – – pen outline , a few details, then a few blotches of colour!! a lot less fettling . .

Italy-Italia Journal Language Quotations Sketching Thoughts

the wonderful mind of Alan Fletcher

If you’re interested in the creative process and you have never come across Alan Fletcher, you don’t know what you’re missing: his magnum opus The Art of Looking Sideways is marvellous. This concept is from a less ambitious work called ‘Painting and Poeting’ ithe title coming from quote of Kurt Schwitters- though Fletcher himself thinks this is unlikely . . .

‘Writing is thinking on paper’  Alan Fletcher

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Bob Dylan Birthday Bash!!!

For, I think, 13 years Eric–aka Billy Shaker has organised a Bob Dylan Birthday Party gig. I’ve taken part in the last three years. This was the gig at Ricomincio da Tre, San Mariano, Perugia. Loads of musicians – – a little bit of chaos but all in all a good time! Happy Birthday, Bob!!  Here’s a few pics-There’s lots more pics here –  Lesley’s camera was inadvertantly set to ‘burst’ mode so as a result, certain parts of the evening were over featured- namely those featuring me- well, she is my wife, after all!!

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Citta della Pieve

Bit of an odd one this . . . I got to Citta della Pieve- Lesley went for her Italian lessons.  I wandered aimlessly for ’bout half an hour then with a strange mix of guilt and obligation, I drew this. I didn’t find it at all, satisfying . . like I was being forced or just forcing myself, to draw something . . .

I think the end result shows that . . . .