Piegaro – again

Same square, different view – – pen outline , a few details, then a few blotches of colour!! a lot less fettling . .

the wonderful mind of Alan Fletcher

If you’re interested in the creative process and you have never come across Alan Fletcher, you don’t know what you’re missing: his magnum opus The Art of Looking Sideways is marvellous. This concept is from a less ambitious work called ‘Painting and Poeting’ ithe title coming from quote of Kurt Schwitters- though Fletcher himself thinks this is unlikely . . .

‘Writing is thinking on paper’  Alan Fletcher

Bob Dylan Birthday Bash!!!

For, I think, 13 years Eric–aka Billy Shaker has organised a Bob Dylan Birthday Party gig. I’ve taken part in the last three years. This was the gig at Ricomincio da Tre, San Mariano, Perugia. Loads of musicians – – a little bit of chaos but all in all a good time! Happy Birthday, Bob!!  Here’s a few pics-There’s lots more pics here –  Lesley’s camera was inadvertantly set to ‘burst’ mode so as a result, certain parts of the evening were over featured- namely those featuring me- well, she is my wife, after all!!

Citta della Pieve

Bit of an odd one this . . . I got to Citta della Pieve- Lesley went for her Italian lessons.  I wandered aimlessly for ’bout half an hour then with a strange mix of guilt and obligation, I drew this. I didn’t find it at all, satisfying . . like I was being forced or just forcing myself, to draw something . . .

I think the end result shows that . . . .

Piegaro – Municipio

Same square, different view – – large brush Pitt pens with Micron for detail . . .   a bit less fettling . . the ‘slab’ design of this era of architecture seems to lend itself to the larger brushes . . .


Still trying out Pitt pens with Micron for detail . . .  quite pleased but as usual I should have left it a bit earlier . . .why do I feel the urge and need to ‘fettle’ all the time??!!