Citta della Pieve

Tried something new today: laid blocks of colour, then added detail with line, then added more textural colour. I’m reasonably pleased with it as an experiment- think the image needs to be larger to reduce the ‘strength’ of the line.


8 Replies to “Citta della Pieve”

  1. Excellent sketch Rowland! And the method is a nice way to change things up…color first then ink. Sometimes I “draw” with the watercolor and add ink for definition. As for your ink lines…I like them. They seem just right to me. Don’t know if you’ve tried them, but the Micron pens come in many sizes and the smallest points can produce very fine lines if you want finer line work. Yours look great though! The ink adds stability and suggestion in just the right places 🙂 So many nice character buildings there to sketch…

    1. Thanks, Don – your description of it as ‘I “draw” with the watercolor and add ink for definition’ was exactly what I was aiming for. I do use and like Micron pens a lot (though their numbering system is incomprehensible- 1 = .25- 5 =.45)

      Plenty of buildings, too! My own house for a start maybe!! 🙂

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