Italy-Italia Journal Sketching

Citta della Pieve

Tried something new today: laid blocks of colour, then added detail with line, then added more textural colour. I’m reasonably pleased with it as an experiment- think the image needs to be larger to reduce the ‘strength’ of the line.

Italy-Italia Journal Sketching

Chiesa di San Biagio

Some friends told us about this church where they had refurbished the organ and on this Sunday were ‘recommissioning’ it before the blessing of the town. After struggling up some white roads in our ‘shed’ (i.e. my Renault Scenic) we got to this lovely little church…. which was of course packed with people, so I sketched it, and then we went for an aperitivo  . . . .

Italy-Italia Journal Music

GIG: La Bruschetta



Filippo Barontini – vocals & guitar

Janko – bass

Flavio Bosi – harmonica

Marco Ginesi – drums

Italy-Italia Journal Sketching Thoughts


Journal Sketching Thoughts

Bumper bench . . . . . . (Bumper=fender)

The  other day I took a walk around Citta della Pieve whilst Lesley was having Italian lessons. A lovely town with lots of history…. but as usual what took my eye wasn’t the architecture, etc. . . but this . . . . .