Mini watercolour set . . latest version


2 Replies to “Mini watercolour set . . latest version”

    1. Hi Don,
      The man from Amarelli was great (I can understand how my writing is difficult to understand….sorry) He was one of the main sponsors of the festival at which I was playing, and we were taken to the head office where he came out to meet me, Lesley, Guido and Gianluca. I told him the story about the tin and he asked me to send him some pictures, so we left laden with licorice including a kilo of powder for friend who has a restaurant and uses it in a pork dish!!!
      I looked at their site and it explains how these tiny decorated tins came about because a young boy gave one Mr Amarelli a sketch of some gnomes playing wth a licorice ‘log’ so it all ties in . . neat, huh?

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