on being Welsh . . . .


15 Replies to “on being Welsh . . . .”

  1. Hmmmm…My dog is Welsh and he is the finest being I know. Always happy, never rude, very patient, and never complains 🙂 Though I’m certain he would have discreetly peed on their shoes my friend.
    Some folk are just…well…the problem without realizing it.

  2. Not quite sure where you’re going with the dog . . . .

    My point is that if you change the word Welsh in the dialogue.. for ANY other racial grouping/nationality it would be unacceptable amongst rational/liberal thinkers. . .

    1. Yes, I realize your point and I agree. Why would a derogatory comment about a Welshman be any different than say a Muslim? Just goes to show that humans are often hypocritical in their convictions when they go to action with them.
      Regarding my dog…
      The folk you were conversing with seemed to be of the opinion that all things Welsh were displeasing to them and should be to everyone else. I was simply disagreeing by stating that my dog was Welsh and I’m quite pleased with him. He’s a Welsh Corgi and my only experience with anything Welsh other than you and your blog, which I find no reason to be displeased with either 🙂

  3. I have noticed it too, ever since having the place in Abersoch, and I always liked the locals there.
    It seems to just be tolerated and considered funny.

    As you say, if you replaced any of the ‘jokes’ with Scotland or Scots – there would be an outcry.

    Hopefully, if enough people make a point, people may realise its out if order……..and then it will seem about as funny as all those racist jokes on ‘love thy neighbour’

      1. I was ready to send you an email, when I got a stubborn Trojan on my puter.
        I decided it would be quicker to wipe it and do a restore…….which was fine, but i lost all my emails and contacts.
        I probably like computers even less than you.

        Hence no reply.

        Have you ever heard from Simon ?


      2. I understand that. . .
        Simon? Not sure who you mean- the Simon who lived in Ernest St. disappeared years ago I thought – – with his wife and attached wife’s sister . . . intrigued . . .

      3. If you would be good enough to ping me via email, I will respond before everything gets wiped again!

        And yes, I did mean Simon of Ernest St fame. I thought he would be easy to trace with a rare surname (I found you in 2 minutes :-O )

        And another yes. The Trojan has got a full suit of armour and a big ball with spikes on it!
        When he isn’t stealing the data off my computer and making it run slow, he takes food out of the fridge when we aren’t looking……and has also took to sleeping in the back bedroom and wearing my clothes.
        The cheeky Trojan ba5**d!

      4. I’m ashamed to say that for a man of my age I don’t know how to ping . . . . tragic or what?
        and neither can I remember Simon’s surname . . . and sometimes not even my own . . .

  4. Hi, good to have a read of this. In the process of prodding as many Welsh bloggers as possible to express an opinion on this, and I think your observations will be echoed onehundred times and more by Welsh in Wales and abroad. The most infuriating thing about this particular instance, is this is national media print getting away with it. Many people reading the article will not be Welsh, will not view it with a critical eye, and just accept the vitriol as journalism. Red tops aside, many national newspapers hold a strong degree of authority over their unquestioning readers, and it is imperative that we do not allow those sheep to follow the D-Mail’s (as well as the work of the Independent) hatred blindly and accept it as a valid critique of culture within the country.

    1. I do what I can– I abhor racism – yet ironically I’ve been subject to it . . . both my parents (both surname Jones) had Welsh as their mother tongue, yet they were punished for speaking it at school! They met whilst working at the Council Offices in Swansea, where talking Welsh was not acceptable- so they spoke to each other at home in English, and spoke to us in Wenglish . . .

      Like I said, if Anne Robinson had said the same about Muslims, Irish, or Africans she would have been excommunicated . . . . at very least

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