Feather . . . .


4 Replies to “Feather . . . .”

  1. Maybe that feather WAS meant to signify the “all God’s creatures” thing. But I’m thinking the Pigeon Boss was sending YOU a message, thanks to your feline hitman Archie.
    And the message is thus: “You’re in for a world of shit”

    1. Archie the CATERMINATOR – I regularly brings us gifts.. which he leaves at the foot of the bed… on Lesley’s side, she receives pigeons or starlings- my side is reserved for rats . . .
      How thoughtful!

    1. Thank you- I’ve looking through your blog. love the sketch of Ken’s lamp.
      hope the Chemo goes well for Ken. I had two months of daily radio therapy last year- and though not near as invasive as chemotherapy, I can empathise with the situation – it became our working lives – plus two hours in the car to get there and back – I was too tired to do anything. The only thing I did was series of drawings for a poetry book which kept me sane!! Good luck to both of you!

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