and another thing . . hats

I posted this a while ago, before I started using only scans…. so decided to paste it into my Moleskine. The typing looks small but give it a click and I hope you’ll enjoy it  . .


2 Replies to “and another thing . . hats”

  1. This post confirms our family tree is hiding our link, for whatever reason.

    Taking someone’s cap or hat off their head is akin to taking chewing gum out of their mouth and having at it, and then placing it back in their mouth. That’s a repulsive analogy, but how else are we to wake people up to the ugly realities of hatnapping?

    I do have certain . . . considerations, however. If the hatnapper is tall and blonde, I tend to be more lenient. Just saying . . .

  2. re tall and blonde
    I assume you mean that you might act more deferentially towards Dolph Lundgren . . . that’s perfectly acceptable…. I mean, one wouldn’t want to be rude and unkind to a giant martial arts expert would one . . . and if he took your chewing gum?

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