an orange bomb . . . .

I am starting to really enjoy working with colour. The colours with these Pentel Water Brushes is incredibly intense- so I end up putting it on and then taking most of it off -I use a Chinese water brush to blend and then lift off the excess with paper towels. I think there’s usually as much colour on the paper towel as there is on the paper


6 Replies to “an orange bomb . . . .”

    1. Thanks. They were both done with Pentel Water Colour Brushes- I choose a base colour- a yellow for the orange and a red for the leaf.. and draw the outline, and fill it as a shape. The colours are very dense so I blend them with a Blue Heron waterbrush and lift a lot of colour off the paper with kitchen roll. The veins on the leaf and the detail of the stem of the orange were done with a fine Pigma Micron and a Copic Multiliner. I then add more colour, blend and lift off – gradually building up the shading and density of the colour.

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