Bags, three-dimensional mathematics and the Mobius Loop

Being unfamiliar with the term Mobius loop, Lesley was intrigued by my demonstration of the idea with a piece of paper and some sticky tape. When I quoted the description as it being ‘ a chiral object  and a developable surface as it has zero Gaussian curvature.’ She agreed wholeheartedly . . . though I had no idea what it meant . . it’s amazing what level of insight two beers and a glass of prosecco can achieve . .  . .

A little confused……

Apparently my previous post was my 610th post so WordPress tells me.
BUT accompanying this information was this quote:
‘That isn’t writing at all, it’s typing.’ — Truman Capote
Especially given that most of my posts are scanned pages, therefore handwritten and not typed – – I find it rather strange . . . what do you think, guys?

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be . . . . . .

Idly browsing the internet I Googled Bicycle Thieves, a Didsbury band from the 70’s, as for some reason I was thinking about an old friend Stuart James who was a guitar player I used to work with. Whilst doing so, I came across this article by Paul Morley who whilst praising Stuart’s band says: Manchester is well-known for producing tasty ultra-competent, deadly boring rock bands (Sad Cafe and Harpoon spring to mind)

I was the guitar player with Harpoon . . .. .

I’m happy with tasty ultra competent but deadly boring … ah well if you’ re going to be criticised then it might as well be by Paul Morley….

Mind you he also slags off the new Manchester Review . . which was somewhat unkind