Clementine? Tangerine? . .what the hell… Merry Xmas, anyway

Will somebody explain to me one day the difference between a Clementine and a Tangerine? I like them both…I think. They are so linked to Xmas in the UK.
Anyway more watercolour sketches with these unbelievable Pentel pens. Love ’em


4 Replies to “Clementine? Tangerine? . .what the hell… Merry Xmas, anyway”

    1. A mate from Manchester sent me this: In a ‘call my bluff’ style, I will feign knowledge, with the slim chance that I’m correct: The clementine is a European variety, the tangerine originates from North Africa, Tangiers specifically, and, although the two fruits are similar in size and taste, genetically they are very different. It is a similar scenario to that of their eastern cousins, the satsuma and the madarin; alike yet oh so different.

      So now we know. Have a Happy New Year safe with that information!!

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