What time is it ?

Just returned home from a gig at Tymory- a ‘pub’ in Bettolle. GREAT night!

We hit the stage running as they say – -the place absolutely packed- yes on a Wednesday . . . and had a great time . . . and the audience loved it . . . return gig already booked. 🙂

Roberto Neri the guy who owns it is lovely- he can’t do too much for us— we ate and drank, played, played some more and then did a third short encore set… and then ate and drank. Fantastic evening. And now it’s 4.33 am and I still am not ready to sleep. . . . .


2 Replies to “What time is it ?”

  1. Quite justifiable – who can 🙂
    Just in case we are out of touch, out of time or simply out of it over the festive season, have a cool yule, mv friend and I look forward to continuing our cyber friendship in 2012. Rowland

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