New Week’s Resolution . . . . .

January is never a great month is it? So I decided to try a New Week’s resolution– I reckon that might get done – – no point in being too ambitious. . .

See? I’ve made it public – my level of commitment is there for all to see . .  or not.

So far today I’ve done OK

1. Only a quartino of wine with dinner at 8.30- late start small quantity . . .  . . and anyway in certain parts of Italy it’s illegal to not drink with a meal….. no.. I just made that up . .

2. Well not in bed yet but it’s only 10.15

3. See above

4. Did something: went to the dentist, took Archie to the vet and also spent about 4 hours cleaning the studio.

5. Managed a swift lap of the village – only twenty minutes but flat out and it’s bloody freezing.

Good start:

PS this regime is based on a five day week – the weekend arrives and all bets are off, and if I’m out for lunch that’s different, too! Any other exceptions I need to include? – – I’m sure I’ll think of some . . . . 🙂

The Kafka-esque pain that is ‘virtual castration’ . . . .

I experienced a strange emotion in the last 24 hours— virtual castration . . .

First the mail forwarding on this blog ceased working. I checked the registering  company’s FAQ’s and contacted their support desk and they replied reasonably quickly. I did as they suggested then : the good news . . .and the bad news.

Mail forwarding now OK! Phew . . . .  BUT

Web forwarding not working so I am informed by technically competent friend—- doesn’t work in Explorer or Google Chrome. I sent message to WP support. I checked it on Safari and Firefox –  seesm ok; empty cache and still seems OK.


So I had to go out but after lunch I reset everything as far as I could make out . . . .  and it all seems to be working again . . . .   But the severity of panic was more frightening than the problem – – cut off from the ‘virtual world’ . . . I must get out more . . . .