Perceptions 1 – – ‘Hiya, mate!’ OR ‘Good morning, sir!’ ?


2 Replies to “Perceptions 1 – – ‘Hiya, mate!’ OR ‘Good morning, sir!’ ?”

  1. In the states, it’s a peculiar quirk of truck-stop waitresses, found in truck-stops, diners and other kind of cheap eateries, that they call the patrons hon (as in honey) dear, sugar. I still find it disconcerting when a 19-year-old calls me that.

    I was in a store yesterday and one of the young clerks was chatting with another, right next to me and said “…that sucks!” I wanted to say “I know that word is increasingly common, but it is still considered crude. It’s not something you should say in front of patrons old enough to be your mother.”. I didn’t say it, though. Is that a word they use in England?

    1. ‘…sucks’ is used but it still sounds to me very much like an ‘imported phrase’ that doesn’t sound right with a British accent, somehow. Mind you it’s not a phrase I like- it feels unnecessarily aggressive . . .

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