smoking causes hypothermia!!!!

It does! How? I’ll tell you how. Smoking in bars and restaurants has been banned in Italy for some years now it was banned before it was in the UK. but people still smoke… people like my good friend Andrea

So tonight I had arranged to do a bit of recording with Andrea and Giulio but due to various reasons it didn’t happen. So I suggested a quick drink at the bar. Andrea wanted to smoke so we sat outside: have you ever sat outside on a metal seat drinking ice cold Heineken when it’s -4 degrees C? As we were sitting there discussing the relative merits of various classic synthesizers – ARP 2600! Sequential Circuits Prophet! Yamaha TX816!  we were getting so excited that we hadn’t realised that bits of us were getting close to parting company with our bodies, and hadn’t noticed that we were no longer actually sitting on the chairs but were perched in a way that attempted to minimise the area of contact with the freezing metal! At a certain point we could take it no more, and we headed into the welcoming warmth of the bar…. and that’s why smoking causes hypothermia!!!


4 Replies to “smoking causes hypothermia!!!!”

    1. Even the other non-smokers have ‘smoking friends’- so they know what the deal is.
      Having said that – I was going stir crazy having been snowed in for a week – so I just wanted a beer and a chat. . .

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